Bayli & Cole | Engaged

I could not be more excited to share this video.

This is my best friend. Her name is Bayli.  She is quite possibly one of the best humans I have ever met.  She is kind, giving, always excited and passionate about something, and just so fun to be around. So it only makes sense that she now has been given the happiest and most exciting thing life has to offer in return – a really awesome stellar guy that wants to marry her!  Cole came to me when he wanted to propose to Bayli and said ‘I need to make sure its filmed’ – so we got to work with his idea and I planned out how I would be there to film it.  And it was. so. stinking. awesome.

To save you from the longest story ever full of too many details (because this is my favorite human, and I could spend all day telling it), Cole made a scavenger hunt for Bayli, taking her to all of the spots in their relationship where they had significant moments (i.e., first time holding hands, first kiss, I love you, etc.) and at each spot, there was waiting a clue for the next spot from a family member or friend, leading her to where he knew he loved her, at the top of Guardsman’s Pass in Park City, Utah.  It was happy, full of love and excitement, and so fun to be a part of. So,  without any further ado, here is Bayli & Cole’s engagement!

Bayli & Cole | Engaged from Elsa Jensen on Vimeo.