Brikelle & Zach | Married | Salt Lake Wedding Video

Ah, what can I say about these two lovelies? I seriously love this couple. It of course helps that: 1. Brikelle has become one of my dearest friends, business partner, and travel buddy (which comes with its own special friendship benefits in and of itself) and 2. I not only think that Zach’s brand of humor and good nature is compatible with that of Matthew Crawley and Ben Wyatt mixed, but that he is such a great guy to Brikelle. But in all honesty, I loved loved loved being a part of their wedding this way. It’s always just a bit more fun and special when its your friend – am I right? So here’s to Kelle & Zach – happy happy wedding and congratulations again to the love Bairds!


Brikelle & Zach | Temple Wedding from Elsa Jensen on Vimeo.