Idaho Fine Art

Idaho Fine Art

Fine Art Photo Op Stop – or FAPOS, as it is so commonly abbreviated in this class.  On our excursion in Victor, Idaho we had plenty of opportunities to stop for fabulous photos of fine art.  I also had the opportunity to spend a morning traveling to Moody Creek, Idaho with Whitney Majors to capture more fine art photos.  I usually prefer to shoot portraits and still life photos because I have the ability to manipulate the subjects of the photos that I am taking.  When I set out to take landscape photos, I always feel like I have a harder time being creative and capturing exactly what I see before me.  This experience helped me to push myself creatively and learn how to capture landscapes as beautifully as I saw them.

I gained a greater appreciation for bracketing photos so that I could gain a greater range of color and exposure that I can see before me.  I also learned about the patience it takes to set up and execute a great landscape – it isn’t as easy as it looks!  I also learned a lot more about using the right settings – like a small F/22 to get a great sun burst and sun flare of the sunrise or a bit of a slower shutter speed to capture the color of a slow colorful sunrise.  I think that the more we push ourselves as creatives and photographers, the more that we learn to appreciate all forms and areas of photography and better master the other crafts that we usually pursue.


















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  1. Elsa, I really love the sunrise image you have at the very top! I think it’s absolutely gorgeous. I really like the angle you went from and the sun bursting through the trees.