A Little World – Macro

A Little World – Macro

If there is one thing I can say about water drops and macro photography, its all about patience.  It was quite an experience to learn and figure out what ways to make water drops work and on what surfaces they stay well on.  It is a process of trial and error, but once we started to figure out exactly how to do it, getting those water drops with a reflection can be just like magic.

It was also really fun to see when a reflection would pull through the water drop and create a scene worth seeing.  For the set up, I used both the 31mm and 13mm extension tubes to get in nice and tight.  I also used a LED light to make sure that the scene was lit well enough, because I needed a very fast shutter speed (1/250) and tight aperture (F/14) to catch the water drop before it fell.  It was fun to work with different things for reflections and I think it is definitely a photography skill worth having!

Elsa Jensen-Life Is Beautiful- Water Drop

Life Is Beautiful

Elsa Jensen-Pearls - Water Drop

Bokeh Pearls

Elsa Jensen-Gerber Daisy - Water Drop

Gerber Daisy

Elsa Jensen-Gerber Daisy - Water Drop

Gold Chain Book

Elsa Jensen-Gold Chain - Water Drop


Elsa Jensen-Dripping Fork - Water Drop

Dripping Fork



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  1. Elsa, these are so creative! Your fork image is my favorite. :)