October in Europe

Spending a whole month traveling around Europe was probably the best thing I’ve done post graduation. So, naturally, it had to be documented and shared – if only for my memories.


October in Europe from Elsa Jensen on Vimeo.


A little more background….my grandparents are working on the LDS temple being built in Rome, Italy. I decided that I would go stay with them and live in Rome for a month (because why wouldn’t you take advantage of that??) and asked Brikelle if she wanted to join. But after visa delays for my grandparents and their arrival date was pushed back AFTER we had booked tickets, our plan changed and slowly morphed into a month of hopping around Europe until my grandparents arrived. In many senses of the way, this trip probably shouldn’t have happened and probably shouldn’t have been as perfect as it was. And thats not an understatement – out of 15,000 miles flown and 10 flights, we never missed a flight. We never lost a bag, got seriously sick, were pic pocketed, got sick of each other, or experienced anything completely terrible. And that’s how you know it was a destined trip. And I’ll say this much – there is something to the effect of simply waking up each day and thinking ‘What can I explore today?’ and simply doing whatever we wanted whenever we felt like it, exploring the typical and not so typical parts of each country and culture. And that is what made this the best decision for me. I miss it terribly each day, so watch out – this will most likely happen again. And again and again and again. 😉