My Adventurous Life

My Adventurous Life

If there is any movie that could sum up everything about me and what I love in life, it is The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.  I love to travel, explore, and I especially love to shoot photos and videos while I travel so I can capture the things that I see and explore.  For class we had to create a movie poster, so of course, I decided to make myself a Secret Life of Mitty poster of Elsa.

For the poster, I took a background image of the city and then took a picture of myself in the right pose (which looks silly, but was much harder that it looks!).  I then made a selection and cutout of myself and laid it on top of the background image and did a little bit of blending with a layer mask for the rough edges and a warm gradient overlay at a very low opacity to make the image of me not stick out as much. I also learned a trick from a friend that by lowering the opacity of the top image of me to just 90% that it would appear to stick out less and be more a part of the poster, so I did that as well. Finally, I added the text at the top with a font that I thought bold and simple and then I added a summary at the bottom with a cinema font that is used in most movie posters. The finished product was great!





Background Image



Mitty Pose